Day 1

Shazzam! we're back! it's been about 3 years since i wrote in this, i've deleted all the old posts because essentially, i was high and completely crazy. Since then we've taken some weird turns, pretty much stopped performing as a live band, put out an album and changed our sound about 15 times.

What happened? i dunno, i guess we got bored or something.

So here we are, 2010, 4 years after : ( started and i'm away to start tracking on our second album. I've got a 3 week break from work, so now is the perfect time to do it....In a months time we're going to start rehearsals, Adam has some exams and stuff this month to get through, but by summer we should be playing gigs again.

So this being day 1 of recording, i'm just finishing off the last of the preparation on the songs in order to start tracking, there's a couple of songs that i still have to work on structurally, but i'm going to keep going back and working on those when i'm resting my voice. The majority of the songs were written on a PC with a really bad copy of Cubase, but i have since upgraded to a legal copy of Cubase 4, which i can run on my Mac, so all tracking and mixing is going to be done on the Mac. I also bought a bunch of Native Instruments software a few months ago, which is just amazing! Oh yeah, i also bought a new Shure SM58 mic, my last one has been covered in honey (a full jar opened itself in my bag after a gig and my mic was at the bottom of the bag, doh!), had beer spilled on it, been bashed about, swung and mistreated over various tours and gigs....So i'm pretty sure it doesn't sound as good as it probably should, hence the new one. That's it really, no fancy studios, just a Mac, a 58 and i'm running into my Konnekt 24D soundcard (which i've never done before because it doesn't work with my PC).

Hopefully by the end of the 3 weeks we'll have a finished album.

Oh yeah....i should say, this is pretty much going to be a return to the old skool electronic bracket sound, pretty lo fi, but a much beefier lo fi....with no guitars (the rock songs will be used in another project).

Ok all my files are good to go, stay tuned!

Mart xx