day 2

Yesterday was pretty productive, i got the vocals down for one song and made a start on another. Cubase only crashed a couple of times, but it automatically saves itself so i never lose that much.

A few months ago i bought a pair of Sennheiser headphones, they're amazing! i really recommend getting a good pair of headphones, if your using the ones that came with your ipod or whatever, get yourself a good pair! I've been using these just for every day use, but last week they started acting a bit funny for some reason, the sound was dipping and there was a bit of phasing going on somewhere. I figured out that it was the shielding in the cable just as it enters the left headphone, so i had to take them apart, trim the wire and re-solder the wire. A bit of a tricky job but it worked. Techy-Mart!

Ok i gotta get back to work, more laterz!

Mart xx