Day 4

Yesterday was a bit or a write off, i didn't really get any recording done....most of the day was spent taking my favourite CDs out of storage and putting them on my ipod. Which was pretty much just Shihad (My favourite band ever! see the video below), Megadeth and Minor Threat...oh yeah and some Machine Head and the Police. There's still some stuff i have to add....there was a lot on there to begin with though. :)

Today has been much more productive, I've not tracked any vocals today because Adam is in the flat writing some essay (same reason for not working yesterday) and i don't want to disturb him...also i don't really like anyone being around when i'm tracking because you sound wicked crazy!

I have rebuilt a song that i'd lost the Cubase file for, i had another version of it, so i managed to use that and alter it so the song is how it should be...it actually sounds better than it did before so that's a bonus. Once i finish writing this and play a bit of GTA online i'm gonna make a start on the last song i have to do programming for. It's a bit of an abstract thing right now but it'll soon get some structure.

About half an hour ago i booked my first ever driving lesson, a week on monday i'm gonna be on the streets of glasgow, prepare your safety gear!

Mart xx