Day 7

The weekend was a bit of a hangover induced lazy one, not much happened other than feeling sorry for myself, playing GTA and watching Vice Versa (a forgotten classic!). I wasn't all bad, i did listen through what i've recorded so far and made some changes.

Scotland has decided it's going to be shitting cold again, so whilst i wait for the flat to heat up i'm gonna talk about the record label situation.

Essentially there isn't one, even if someone offers i dunno if we'd go for it, unless it was a pretty good deal. Does anyone really buy CDs anymore? I definitely don't, I've pretty much stopped buying vinyl too. So what does that leave, downloads? I'm still a little confused over the concept that a label will take the majority share over the profits from iTunes etc. It just doesn't seem that fair to me. There are companies popping up over the place that essentially act as the label for you, doing the PR, sorting out barcodes for CDs and making your music chart eligible. You pay them a fee and you get all the profits. That would maybe a be a good road to go down if it wasn't for the fact that i don't really see this music hitting the charts any time soon. :)

However, i think the reason that i've lost interest in record labels is the fact that the people that work there are just fucking dorks. We had to speak to a bunch of them when we first started....and while we were more than willing to accept the free food and booze that they offered, it was all a little weird. These people genuinely think that they are the shit, that they ooze cool because they work in the music "biz". Which i found pretty funny, because most of them are just working a regular office job, but it's in the offices of a record company, so that suddenly makes them creative and important or something. :S So i found it pretty funny being asked by someone who worked as a secretary or as a PR girl or something "so, would you guys sign with us if we asked?", totally failing to take notice of the fact that they have a habit of dropping bands straight after they release their second album. Why would we sign with that? The fact is, we have never signed a record deal, although maybe that's why i'm still working for minimum wage? hahah! The whole "I'm in the biz aren't we the shit?!?!" attitude is just so embarrassingly dorky!

Maybe that's just picking on the smaller people in the office, what about the A&R people? I once had one (who was a friend) offer to come listen to some tracks and give advice for what eventually became Kawaii. I accepted because i thought it'd be interesting, it was actually pretty painful and pointless. I can understand why a band would accept a record producer offering advice, but someone who's never finished a song in their life telling you what to do with your music? If the A&R dude doesn't like your stuff in the first place then they wouldn't be there right? So why can't they just trust your judgement? (The songs got changed back to how they were originally btw)

i found this last night as part of my daily internet rummaging, the first part kinda sums up what i'm saying:

After seeing Frank say that, it really reminded me on this film i watched last year called "Before Music Dies", unfortunately you can't watch the whole thing online anymore, but if you can find it then you should totally watch it!

So essentially, you don't need to ask if this album is going to get a physical release, because unless we get offered a really good deal, it's just going to be a download only thing. And probably just through Band Camp, which i really like btw. I like that bands have the freedom to pick how people are going to pay for their music and i love how the downloadee gets to choose what format they are downloading.

Let's face it, Ahmet Ertegun's record label format is on its' way out and we are reaching a point where people who make music won't have to deal with someone who works in an office's dorky bullshit anymore! It's just up to us to decide what that's going to be...and for now this looks pretty good. :)

Mart xx

P.S...the youtube videos are making the text do funny things for some reason and i can't fix it. Sonic Booooooo!!!!